Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I got a HUGE
We had just gotten home from running our errands and my husband told me he was gonna run grab us a couple energy drinks.  I thought to myself, "cool, we're gonna need a little bit extra energy to do some more packing today." 
I stayed at home working on stuff and then he called to say that he was gonna swing by Best Buy to check out a video game he's been wanting. 

Now ladies, don't you just LOVE when you say just the right thing?
  I mean I could've said, 
"Seriously, do we need to have a new game to play when we are soooooo busy", or "Didn't you just buy a new game?"
But luckily I said, "Sweet! Take your time."

And boy am I glad I did.  Because he walked in the door to our home and walked up to where I was sitting on the kithen counter but not with a new video game. Instead he handed me a big PINK bag filled with bright PINK tissue paper and said, 

What? Uh, it's not my birthday. Ummm... it's actually in MAY.
But who am I to refuse a present right?
I looked into the lovely bag and what do I find but a 


No, seriously!
I kid you not, my friends.  
This puppy is mine... all mine!

I honestly am still in shock.  I'm blessed beyond measure and have had my lips on this boys face all day long.  What can I say, I'm THRILLED!

You rock my world baby!