Friday, January 1, 2010

On to new things and new years

I would love to say that I've got so much to say and so much free time to write but quite the contrary.  Every time I sit down to write I am blocked because there's so much to say and not nearly the words available to convey the way I feel.  The last 2 1/2 months have been non-stop crazy.  We found the most adorable home in October and offered them their exact asking price and as of yesterday were still in limbo if the bank was going to accept our offer.  It was one of the short sale things - meaning the people owed more than it was worth and was about ready to go into foreclosure.  Then we step in as the so called super heros and say we'd love to buy this property and keep you from loosing your house to foreclosure. Well long story short winter weather arrived and I pleaded with the bank to winterize the home and they refused.  Well after months of being so excited to buy this darling home, we arrived yesterday to take a look at it to find water frozen solid in the toilets.  Our hearts sank.  We not only invested our time but our hearts in this place only to have it go down the toilet (pun totally intended) due to ignorance and irresponsibility on the banks part.  After talking with 2 different plumbers both of them estimated 20k to fix the damage. YIKES! So to make a long story longer, we pulled our offer yesterday and put another one in on a beautiful stucco home in a great neighborhood down the road.  We should here tomorrow if they accept our offer - so big prayers folks!

And don't worry I'm not crushed by all of this.  I think God was for warning my heart about a month ago that there was trouble so it didn't really surprise me at all.  The new home is a superb home for entertaining with an killer kitchen which is fine by this girl.  So all that being said, I love you all and haven't forgotten you.  I'll get my blog up and running soon but hang in there with me cuz I'm pretty darn swamped right now.

Here's to a new year, a new home and a new adventure in 2010.

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-Hellen Keller-